Bluestone Allied Health is a vibrant and growing multidisciplinary private practice.  We bring together qualified health care professionals to support your health and wellbeing.    

Who are Health Care Professionals?  

Health care professionals are defined as health care practitioners with formal education and clinical training with accredited certification, registration and/or licensure.  

We have a family friendly approach to helping children, teenagers, adults and families with their physical and emotional well being. We can also collaborate with schools, physicians and other members of the medical profession as required. We aim to deliver targeted services that  help identify, prevent, and treat problems that interfere with your health and ability to reach your potential. 

What can we do for you? 

Our mental and physical health care interventions aim to optimize your day-to-day quality of life and degree of resilience and independence.  

Importantly, EARLY INTERVENTION and RELAPSE PREVENTION is tailored to reduce your risk of further problems and provides an opportunity to be preventative, proactive, and informed in taking control of your health and happiness.  

All practitioners are qualified and fully registered with their respective professional bodies.

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